The long lasting and reliable summer tyre for vans and light trucks

  • Reliable summer handling
  • Suitable for all axles
  • High mileage

On road

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Summer trenta

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EU Performance ratings

D Fuel efficiency
Fuel efficiency is a measure of the tyre's rolling resistance. A tyre with low rolling resistance is more fuel efficient since it requires less energy to roll.
C Wet Grip
Wet grip is a measure of tyre's braking ability on wet roads.
B External noise
The external noise generated by the tyre, measured in decibels.
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Why choose this tyre

High mileage

Durable construction for prolonged tyre life

Reliable summer handling

A hard-working tyre with a summer tread pattern that ensures good handling on dry and wet roads.

Suitable for all axles

Designed for use on all axles of light commercial vehicles and vans.