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Cargo MS

  • Mixed Service
  • Mixed Service Trailer tyre

Robust trailer tyre for mixed service and construction applications

  • Durable construction for long service life
  • High off-road grip
  • Good wet braking performance
  • Retreadable



" Size


Tyre section width, aspect ratio, tyre construction (R= Radial) and rim diameter.

Load index (LI2)

Load Index

Indicates maximum load a given tyre can carry.

Speed index (SI2)

Speed Index

Indicates maximum speed for a given tyre.



Tread Snowgrip Icegrip

Snowgrip, Icegrip

Performance ratings

  • Mileage potential 3.5 out of 5
  • Offroad grip 5 out of 5

Based on Sava internal tests


Cargo MS
  1. 1. Centreline block configuration

    Good grip and braking on wet and unpaved roads

  2. 2. Solid shoulder ribs

    Improved damage resistance

  3. 3. Special tread compound

    Prevents tread flaking or tearing

  4. 4. Reinforced carcass construction

    Better durability for extended tyre life


  • Site work
  • On/off road
  • Construction
RCS (Reinforced Carcass Structure) Technology

RCS (Reinforced Carcass Structure) Technology

RCS Technology improves tyre endurance in tough driving conditions.

  • Reinforced and protected carcass and tread structure
  • Overlapped steel belt package
  • Anti-corrosion protection
  • Enhanced retreadability
  • Reduced ply damage

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