Buying winter tyres

In some European countries motorists are required by law to use a dedicated set of winter tyres during the colder months.

However even if this is not the case where you live, using tyres designed for cold weather can offer performance benefits, with improved traction and control on ice and snow.

Safer driving in low temperatures: When the mercury drops below 7°C the performance of a winter tyre actually improves. Sava winter tyres feature a special compound containing high levels of silica, giving improved traction, braking and control in winter conditions when compared to summer or all-season tyres.

Good grip in ice and snow: Wide tread blocks and additional sipes – small slits in the tread blocks – enhance traction on cold and frozen roads, while also enabling the tyre to quickly shed snow. Some winter tyres even feature studs for confident grip in the worst of winter conditions.

Never choose speed over safety

Tyres designed for winter conditions can have a lower speed rating than summer tyres. You should never exceed your vehicle’s recommended speed rating for winter tyres.