Independent tyre tests

Sava tyres are regularly subject to assessment by independent test bodies, motoring media and auto clubs across Europe.

We value the feedback from independent tests, and so should you. Sava tyres are tested against their peers at a particular price point. The results, from organizations that are not linked to any brand, offer a good indicator of the performance levels you can expect for your tyre investment.

Performance criteria

Typical tyre tests will see the performance of different models compared and evaluated under a variety of driving conditions; from braking and handling in wet and dry to winter performance, traction and resistance to aquaplaning.

Under new EU legislation, all tyres for sale in EU member states must carry ratings under three key criteria: noise level, wet grip and fuel efficiency.

Most tests carried out by independent organizations will typically evaluate tyres under around 15 performance criteria.

At Sava, we test against up to 50 performance parameters before our tyres are approved for market.

Independent test bodies

Stiftung Warentest: German consumer watchdog which provides unbiased assessments of a huge range of consumer products. The Stiftung Warentest grading system – which ranges from 0.5 (very good) to 5.5 (unsatisfactory) – is highly regarded across the European consumer sector.

ÖAMTC (Der Österreichische Automobil-, Motorrad- und Touring Club): Founded in 1896, the Austrian Automobile, Motorcycle and Touring Club is an independent, not-for-profit motoring association with nearly 1.8 million members.

Test World

Finland’s Test World specializes in winter tyre and car testing in severer conditions at its Lapland headquarters.

TÜV SÜD (Technischer Überwachungs-Verein)

Germany’s TÜV is one of the world’s most respected technical inspection organisations and is involved in safety testing and compliance for products from cutting-edge aerospace technology to everyday household items.

Totally independent and staffed by expert inspectors, the TUV draws on a 140-year history of safety testing aimed at protecting consumers and the environment.

TÜV’s safety criteria are some of the strictest in the world.