Tyre tests

What matters to us?

Our customers matter to us. We want every driver on Sava tyres to take confidence in their performance for granted.

Our name matters to us. We want every product that carries the Sava brand to live up to the standards set by the founders of the company and adhered to over more than a century of innovation.

That’s why every new tyre that we design goes through no less than 50 tough tests to assess key performance criteria.

Sava’s engineers test each new tyre design against more than 50 performance criteria

These include:

  • Wet handling
  • Wet braking
  • Dry handling
  • Dry braking
  • Cornering grip
  • Durability
  • Internal noise
  • External noise
  • Aquaplaning in curves
  • Aquaplaning on straights
  • Wet traction
  • Stability at high speed
  • Rolling resistance
  • Mileage

And many more…

All our winter tyres are tested for specific performance factors including:

  • Ice traction
  • Braking on ice
  • Handling on ice
  • Snow traction
  • Braking on snow
  • Handling on snow
  • Hill climbing

And many more ...

We take tyre tests seriously – explore the 3/15/50 approach